Music Recommendations

In times of happiness or pain, music and poetry are great gateways to allow us to feel deeper. Whether it be the instruments, vocals, lyrics, or a combination of the 3; music is another great way for us to share what we feel. Additional music will be recommended with each published chapter of the narrative.

Seize The Day - A7X

Known for their heavier rifts and explosive solos, Avenged takes this one down a notch in a power ballad that will leave chills across any broken heart that didn't realize til it was too late. 

Careless Whisper - Seether

An amazing cover that takes a darker turn than its predecessor. Some feel it's easy to move on to the next love and create the next memories. But those special loves leave an imprint that cannot be shared with any other.

Somewhere Only We Know - Renee Dominque

An interesting take on the hit single by Keane. This acoustic version mixed with soft melodies of Renee's voice are bound to leave tingles and hairs raised upon the most beat up of souls.

With or Without You - U2

The top rated hit ever by the band U2 and featured on the finale of the hit FX drama The Americans

Look What You've Done - Jet

Jet was a highly underrated rock band for their genre and only produced one major record. This gems falls beneath 2 of their other singles but remains a cult classic, if not for their music video alone.

Coming Home - A7X

Not much can be said about this song that can't be said by itself. Hit play and allow the lyrics and guitar riffs to speak to you.

Silver Lining - Hurts

A personal recommendation from a very important person. This track comes back from 2010. This song says more than can be comprehended from just one listen through. Take some time and enjoy this story for every feeling brings.

We Belong - Pat Benatar

Whereas most of Pat's hit were of an upbeat melody, this track chooses to slow down. It still seems to hit each note as the poetic lyrics weave their story. 

Tell Me Baby - Red Hot Chili Peppers

This personal song comes directly from the author. A personal song once played for someone they love that felt like an imprinting story forever in their lives.